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Top 20

  1. Lameness
  2. Colic
  3. Failure of passive transfer
  4. Abortion
  5. Upper respiratory viruses
  6. Lower respiratory viruses
  7. Toxicities
  8. Neonatal isoerythrolysis
  9. Nasal discharge/epistaxis
  10. Exercise intolerance/noisy respiration
  11. Streptococcus equi equi (strangles)
  12. Exertional myopathies
  13. Diarrhea
  14. Tetanus
  15. EEE, VEE, WEE (togavirus)
  16. Flexural deformities (club foot)
  17. Septicemia in foals
  18. Gastric ulcers
  19. Perineal lacerations
  20. GI parasites


  1. African horse sickness
  2. Brucellosis (fistulous withers)
  3. Contagious equine metritis
  4. Equine infectious anemia
  5. Equine viral arteritis
  6. Vesicular stomatitis



Bog spavin is effusion of the tarsocrural joint

Bone spavin is osteoarthritis of the distal tarsal joints- cunean tenectomy

Buttress foot is the same as low ring bone

Corns is a bruise at angle of wall and bar

Curb is an enlargement of the plantar ligament

Gravel is infection of the white line which abscesses at the coronet

Grease, greasy heel or scratches is an inflammation of back of the pastern

Hunter’s bumps (unilateral or bilateral) due to subluxation of sacroiliac joint

Quittor is an infection of collateral cartilages.

Rupture of peroneus tertius – can extend hock when stifle is flexed, stall rest

Seedy toe is white line disease, can be fungal or bacterial

Sidebone is ossification of the collateral cartilages

Street nail is a septic navicular bursa

Stringhalt is myoclonus of hind leg which results in an exaggerated gait

Sweeney is atrophy of shoulder secondary to supraspinatus damage

Thrush is a degeneration of frog with 2ndary bacterial infection

Thouroughpin is tenosynovitis of the tarsal sheath (DDF)- lateral aspect of hock

Windpuffs are distensions of the tendon sheath, bursa, or joint capsule, usually on fetlock and are not a cause of lameness

Nerve block

Medial and lateral palmar digitalPalmar 1/3 of the foot
Abaxial sesamoidMajority of pastern except some skin areas
Low palmar/plantar = low 4Fetlock joint, sesamoids, sesamoid ligaments
High palmar/plantar = high 4Entire digits + majority of metacarpals
Peroneal and tibialDeep sensation of hock and distally


I1Birth to 1wk2.5yr
C 4-5yr
(PM1) 5-6mos
PM2Birth to 2wks2.5yr
PM3Birth to 2wks3yr
PM4Birth to 2wks4yr
M1 9-12mos
M2 2yr
M3 3.5-4yr

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