Veterinary Medicine & Politics, South Korea

Korean Medical Resident Association’s strike, in response to Korean governments’ call for medical schools to enlarge their enrollment numbers. It is the by-now-the-most sensational issue in medical field of South Korea.

Regulation policy on house-pricing, as an effort to stop ever-rising Seoul housing prices. Real-estate counting the largest number of self-employment sections in Korea, they are in a big controversy.

We are living in such a time when one policy and another can make the value of asset & labor to fluctuate a lot.

Veterinary field is not an exception. Politicians begun to make not-so-little influences to our pet’s health.

The main problem is that small animal veterinarian is a quite recent job. In contrast, people tend to compare with human medicine where it has a much deeper history and enormous systemic infrastructure.

The following is a quote from a professor at Seoul National University.

“At K-MAFRA(Korean Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)…it is necessary to have an understanding on small animal veterinary medicine and its circumstance, but there are only 2 official employees. Such an industry that involves 10 million pet family, we only have 2 persons in charge of.”

“There is a fundamental doubt that the government and politicians are even considering veterinarians as policy partners or not.”

While me having a goal to become a pioneer, it is clear that lonely fight is a big challenge to overcome.


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