Veterinary Medicine & Politics, South Korea

Korean Medical Resident Association's strike, in response to Korean governments' call for medical schools to enlarge their enrollment numbers. It is the by-now-the-most sensational issue in medical field of South Korea. Regulation policy on house-pricing, as an effort to stop ever-rising Seoul housing prices. Real-estate counting the largest number of self-employment sections in Korea, they … Veterinary Medicine & Politics, South Korea 계속 읽기

Daily-Dog memos 5) Veterinary Clinics

Where can I find the best veterinarian for my dog? What is the best choice for my dog if it needs a special care? You'll be able to find the answer in this post. When you walk into a vet clinic, you may notice some clinics are different from others. Veterinary clinics in the United … Daily-Dog memos 5) Veterinary Clinics 계속 읽기

Daily-Dog memos 4) Vaccination

How many vaccines does a puppy need? Which vaccines are mandatory and which ones are just recommended? American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) published "Canine Vaccination Guidelines" in 2017. Here is the quick view of vaccine schedule, with core & non-core vaccine explained. DHPP is a combination vaccine of canine Distemper, Hepatitis (Adenovirus), Parvo virus, and … Daily-Dog memos 4) Vaccination 계속 읽기

Daily-Dog memos 2) Dog year

How old is your dog compare to your age? Even pet experts or veterinarians hadn't have the consensus, until this study from Tina Wang, "Quantitive translation of dog-to-human aging by conserved remodeling of epigenetic networks" revealed the science-based result. The researchers explain that the aging of vertebrae is referred by the remodeling of DNA methylome … Daily-Dog memos 2) Dog year 계속 읽기

COVID19 & Military Camp

Military camp. It's mandatory for a guy from South Korea to join military for designated years. Most young men go to army when they become 20, just finishing fresh year of university. But graduates with specific majors - medical, dentist, veterinary and law school students - go serve as an Officer in army with their license and experience … COVID19 & Military Camp 계속 읽기